Four fighters combined Team Australia participating in The Circle tournament on September 12, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.

The Circle is an internationally televised martial arts show. The World Kickboxing Network (WKN) is a manager of Team Australia that takes part in the opening round of the tournament.

The concept of The Circle is sixteen countries battling out to gain the title of the best team in the World. The list of the countries is quite intriguing. It is built of participants from all parts of the Planet.

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Holland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, USA.

Each National Team is made of four sportsmen with three male and one female fighter. The weight divisions are 63, 70, 80 and 55 kilogram.

“After nearly a year of negotiation, the WKN world office have signed an agreement with The Circle management – Mr Alex Romaguera, CEO, and Mr Ricardo Perez, matchmaker (also the WKN representative in Spain),” WKN world office released in May.

The WKN will help to develop and promote The Circle concept across the World, along with assisting with the organizing details and management of a number of international teams.”

It was revealed today that the debut event on September 12 in Barcelona will see Team Italy taking on Thailand meanwhile Australia faces off the country host. The list of fighters out of Team Spain is presented below. Team Australia is currently in makes.

55kg – Eva Naranjo – Wins 92 (15 by knockout). Losses: 10. Draws: 2.
63kg – Javier Hernández – Wins: 41 (26 by knockout). Losses: 9 Draws: 0.
70kg – Mohammed Hichem Menaouine – Wins: 34 (26 by knockout). Losses: 9 Draws: 2.
80kg – Francis Javier Jorge – Wins: 39 (8 by knockout). Losses: 1 Draws: 3