Eminem Hits Boxing With Phenomenal For Southpaw


The Southpaw boxing drama is on its’ way to the US silver screen in July this year.

The anticipated ‘Phenomenal’ soundtrack by Eminem, that had being teased in the official movie trailer since a few months, has now been finally released.

Earlier this week, Billboard gave the following description to the tune in their – Hear Eminem’s Bold ‘Southpaw’ Track ‘Phenomenal‘ – news post.

The track is a bold, dark and at times an empowering ode on which Em rhymes about being, you guessed it, phenomenal– with some of his signature pop culture references thrown in.

Eminem has also shared the explained lyrics of the tune in his Genius profile.

Personally what I like the most, are the following lines, that basically require no explanation.

“When you feel like you’re runnin’ out of fuel
I’ll show you how to use doubt as fuel”

“Ah screw it, feel like you want to hit that wall then do it”

“You’re gonna have non-believers
But when you’re beyond belief, you probably shouldn’t wonder how
Get it how you live
But are you prepared to give more than you get?
And put in twice what you get back from this shit
Though what you sacrifice barely is half, never give”

“The only thing I’m capable of makin’ is amazing”

“Managed to prove who the best man is”

“However long that it takes
I’ll go to whatever lengths”

“But I would never say, ‘Oh, it’s impossible’”

This is also not the first time when Eminem dedicates to boxing.

The Recover (2010) album with ‘Cinderella Man’ is referred to a based on a true story movie with Russel Crowe starring a ‘supposedly washed-up boxer who came back to become a champion and an inspiration in the 1930s.’ (IMDb).

The best line from out there, I believe to be – “Some of us don’t get a second chance. But I ain’t blowing this one.”

The Southpaw movie itself tells the story about the boxer Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) who has been fighting his way to the top, only to find his life falling apart around him.

When it comes to lyrics, and especially when Eminem puts it down on the paper himself, it is all about reading in between the lines.

The tag line of ‘The Southpaw’ movie is ‘Believe in Hope’. Hope dies last. Believe is one of two strongest and most beautiful feelings in the world, together with Love.

In fact, there is nothing stronger than Believe in Hope when it comes from Love.

The Southpaw (2015) movie release date in Australia is set for the 20th of August 2015.