Robert Powdrill postpones a big boxing match in New Zealand to represent Australian Nation on the other side of the Planet.

Rob Powdrill will venture to Barcelona representing the ‘WKN Australia Top Team’ in the debut installment of the Internationally televised ‘The Circle’ tournament held on September 12.

“Powerdrill” will take on the best of Spain Francis Javier Jorge who states the record of 43 total bouts (8 KOs) and only 1 loss.

This is the following breaking news for Western Australia fight sport when local hero travels the World to represent the Nation, since Steve Kennedy’s UFC sensation in Berlin was released last Wednesday. In addition Kennedy and Powdrill had together taken part in the UFC try-outs few years back, being a part of informal Triumphant Team.

Accomplished kickboxer and muaythai fighter, Rob Powdrill has collected practically all possible title belts in Australia, including the claim of the world title strap in 2014.

Trained under Bill Seth in Wangara’s ‘Mungkorn Mai’ gym in Perth, “Powerdrill” has been currently developing his outstanding fighting career as a professional boxer.

Within a short period of time he has won 5 out of 6 bouts, gained a number of International and Intercontinental title belts, along with causing the biggest upset of the current era of Australian boxing when he KO’d London Olympian Damian Hooper in Queensland last year.

The proposed and now postponed 10-round boxing challenge in New Zealand fall on just a week before Spain’s journey.

“It all comes in the same time”, – Bill Seth told FIGHTMAG last week. “Rob is always on demand. There are many more great proposals for him”.

The reason why Rob Powdrill stacked to the plan with the challenge in Europe is loyalty. Barcelona’s conquer was on the cards prior, even more financially rewarding, two-fist clash in near-by New Zealand. He is a man of honor who’s word worth much more than a needed pay-check.

In Spain, while taking on Francis Javier Jorge, an interesting part, which definitely goes in favor of Powdrill’s MMA experience (8 fights – 4 wins), is that ‘The Circle’ tournament allows additional wrestling techniques featured in the commonly known kickboxing stand-up fighting. Neck and hip-toss, hip throws and back drop, single and double leg takedown allowed. No Thai elbow-strikes though.

This will also be the second venture of Rob Powdrill to the old-world since he has traveled to France in 2012 challenging the WKN kickboxing World title.