Steve Smoger Hall of Fame Referee


Steve Smoger is known as the boxer’s best friend.

On Sunday June 14, 2015 Steve Smoger was inducted in the International Boxing Hall of Fame at the ceremony held in Canastota, NY.

Together with Smoger, the IBHOF 2015 ceremony also inducted six renowned figures from boxing: Riddick Bowe, Yoko Gushiken, Ray Mancini, Jim Lampley, Nigel Collins and Rafael Mendoza.

During his speech, Smoger reflected on the very beginning of his career. He gratefully outlined those who were there and helped him make it all possible. He also made a special mention on the Bigger’s Better series which he is being a part of since 2010.

In addition, when in April earlier this year it was just released that Steve Smoger became the IBHOF inductee, the World Kickboxing Network president Stephane Cabrera presented a special WKN belt to Double S. The ‘Simply The Best’ writing with Steve Smoger’s own portrait engraved in the badge, is made to one more time out-stand a valuable presence of the top referee, along with showing him the gratitude.

Next weekend in German Kaiserslautern, Smoger is already back on the tools and will be the third man in the ring at the next edition of Bigger’s Better Pro-Boxing fight night live on Eurosport.

Last November the World Kickboxing Network (WKN) qualified Steve Smoger as international referee in kickboxing. He made his debut at the Bigger’s Better Girl Power edition in Latvia.