Misagh Norouzi Goes Extra Miles
Misagh Nouruzi with Thai trainers Tananchai Robocop and Top Sangmorakot after the bout / Pic: Brock Doe

In only seven months of training from scratch, the kid who we call ‘Southpaw’ has already accomplished four bouts.

Few hours ago Misagh won his forth fight. Yes, forth fight only, and only the second win too. Might sound nothing special.

Hate it or love it, but I am still & now releasing his name to mass through FIGHTMAG. There is a number of reasons, a bit of history and traditionally a few coincidences.

Training since January with Top Sangmorakot and myself, Misagh entered the fighting world already in March.

He then again fought in April, and basically straight away in May, opening ‘Nemesis 10’ super show.

We’ve skipped June on purpose due to the only happening event in Perth that month, was the same show where Misagh made his debut, and practically got robbed off win.

Now on the second week of July, he has taken a dominant win traditionally showcasing the school and skills.

There are many of those renowned coming into the gym saying “I want to fight”.

There are only a few of those who come in, train and do sport. They success.

The second kind basically success in everything they do. Because they do, not just-keep-saying, if you know what I mean.

“It’s not that somebody knows more than you. They simply know it earlier”, Alexander Korzyuk

In regards to Misagh, I remember he mentioned something like “if he has progressed within that period of time, what stops me from doing that, it just takes some time.”

What he said pretty much quotes my friend and teacher from back home, Alex, who has advised me with practically the same around ten years ago.

In terms of ‘Southpaw’, yes it did fell onto the title of the movie with Eminem’s ‘Phenomenal’ and ‘Kings Never Die’.

However in case with Misagh, for a few weeks we’ve been practicing fighting a southpaw opponent, which are plenty in Thailand. It just all simply popped out in the same time.

Misagh is two more fights to be gear-free which is required for amateur fighting in Western Australia. So we are hitting the following Nemesis and Domination fight nights.

Talent requires to be supported and motivated. It’s been always like this.