Jake Gyllenhaal Training Boxing for Southpaw Movie


Hollywood movie star Jake Gyllenhaal had no idea about boxing. Southpaw boxing drama hits the theaters on July 24.

The behind-the-scenes clip has been recently released showcasing Jake Gyllenhaal, starring as Billy Hope, training to actually perform like a fighter, not just to have that bulked up look.

“You have to be in the gym, twice a day, every day. Even on Sundays”, said Antoine Fuqua

We all know it is just a movie, and of course it is not a real fighting performance, however director Antoine Fuqua was obviously in terms to make it as close as possible.

Fuqua trained along side with Gyllenhaal, and basically forced him into the real fight training, as they say.

The clip doesn’t actually show any sparring sessions and hard hits in the head, we are talking about boxing fight training, right… apart of hitting pads and all that static and lifting kind of stuff of course.

However, it is believed to be enough, with the released movie trailers coming with realistic action inside the ring.

Furthermore, in regards to faking, Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone has stated in one of the Expendables behind-the-scenes interviews, that one thing you can’t fake when filming fighting is gravity.

Southpaw movie tells the story about “a boxer fights his way to the top, only to find his life falling apart around him.”