Yodsanklai Classically Defeats Tentori


After five rounds of action we got to the judges score cards.

It was as expected as unexpected. It went all five rounds, surprising predictors and amazing spectators. Yodsanklai Fairtex and Marco Tentori headlined Origins Fight Show last night in West Australian Perth.

When your game plan is no plan.

This is the way I’ve seen it.

Kung Fu stylist Tentori entered the ring under the drum beats followed by the dragon.

Muay Thai celebrity Yodsanklai buzzed the venue with exciting soundtrack, with his crew honorably presenting the portrait of the King of Thailand.

After national anthems, presentation of the athletes and spectacular Wai Khru we were down to business.

Round 1 – Yodsanklai was traditionally confident in the manner of a hunter. He was trying to catch Tentori in the corner with the step forward uppercut elbows. Tentori was moving away fast, in his own style, countering back mostly with punches. Score: 10/9 – Yodsanklai wins in Style.

Round 2 – It was practically the same image with Yodsanklai trying to find the key to land that one solid hit. He was constantly stalking Tentori, with that left elbow to properly reach the target. Unexpectedly from the Kung Fu master, Tentori was throwing elbows back, and he definitely knew what he was doing. Fifteen seconds before the bell Yod went in throwing the left crossing elbow, with Tentori delivering one back, which made Yod slip, if we can call it that. There was no need for an eight count as he got back on both feet straight away, and we are talking about professional Muay Thai, right. Score: 10/9 – Yodsanklai wins by episodes.

Round 3 – Yodsanklai starts with the legs kicks followed by the left head kick. Tentori moves back and rushes back in with the punches. But this where the story goes in a little bit different direction. Yodsanklai still, of course, on the front foot, however instead of going in a close range, he throws kicks from the distance. He is no more looking for a KO. Tentori is not that fast anymore either. He though tries to catch those kicks. When it comes to a short distance, Tentori tries to land punches and elbows, where Yod is landing his left sok (elbow). Score: 10/9 – Yodsanklai wins by dominance.

Round 4 – Now we are in a different fight. Yodsanklai is working from the long distance. He mostly lands single shots and purposely not following them up. First couple of rounds Tentori used to quickly move back, countering and landing his hits when Yod was rushing in to conclude, but opening up. Yod figured it well and Tentori is far from being explosive anymore. Yod is fighting his fight, constantly landing the left crossing elbow. The fight paused at the beginning of the third minute for Tentori to be checked by the doctor. Left elbow did some damage, however there was no much bleeding to interfere the vision, and the fight resumed. Tentori tries to score back with the elbows and punches, where Yod avoids those hits, countering with the kick. Tentori has taken quite a bit of punishment, but he is well conditioned and took it. Score: 10/8 – Yodsanklai wins by dominance and the cut.

Round 5 – The final three minutes were the following. Tentori jumps in with the punches and leg kick, knowing he needs to regain those points. Yod keeps his range and throws the kicks, when it comes to close distance – left elbow keeps doing its’ job. Tentori makes spinning back-fist (he has actually been spinning quite a bit during the whole fight, with the elbows and kicks too). Few kicks, punches and elbows in exchange… Then Yod throws double right cross followed by a number of push kicks. Left cross to the body, left elbow to the head… Yod though targets the body… and this is where Thai-knees came into business, dropping Tentori on the canvas with the referee opening eight count. That was the last minute of the final round. What has actually happened during those sixty seconds you can watch on the video below. Score: 10/8 – Yodsanklai wins by dominance and the knockdown.

FIGHTMAG is the first to release the footage.

Such an image I’ve witnessed quite a few times during the last fifteen years. This is just classic and the class.

If you are not a new fighter every round, you have a very little chance to win. As well as, unless you are a smashing machine, which is able to actually land those KO hits and finish the fight.

Taking clear points victories over top Thais, in their own game, have, probably, ever been able to accomplish only ten or so fighters during the last two decades.

I believe the Thais don’t really have any game plan either. They are just there and work on each and every aspect. They “adopt” like it’s popular to say these days.

“The main event was a surprise to many. Many people didn’t think Tentori had a chance although as you saw he came and took it to Yod from the opening bell and lasted five thrilling rounds,” Pamorn Martdee, promoter of the event told us this morning.

“Marco was prepared, determined and hungry but Yod stayed calmed under adversity and did what he had to do to win.” he concluded.

Esteem to Marco Tentori for his brave heart and effort. Hats off to Yodsanklai on his victory-in-class.