WKN Australia Top Team stands for the Nation on September 12 in Barcelona.

Robert Powdrill, Michael “Tomahawk” Thompson, Brendon Harris and Samantha Brown will face local favorites at The Circle Tournament. The “Clash of the Nations”, as they say, is announced to be an internationally televised show. In the openning round Team Australia is facing the country host, Team Spain.

Powdrill will face Javier Jorge in the middleweight division. Thompson is taking on lightweight Javier Hernández. Harris will clash with Hichem Menaouine in the welterweight class. The added female athlete to the team is Samantha Brown, who has taken the place of the two-time Australian champion Yolanda Schmidt, since the event organizers had an issue with Shmidt being South African-born, disregarding her Australian residency and National team membership. Bantamweight Brown is fighting Eva Naranjo.

The WKN Australia Top Team is organized by myself in collaboration with the WKN World Office. The built to win squad will be accompanied by two coaches, Western Australia’s Adam Bailey and Masato Fujimori from Queensland.

As it has been previously announced, The Circle Tournament allows additional wrestling techniques added to traditional stand up kickboxing. Also, the new ring has a different shape, being round, reflecting on the name of the show. The quantity of the corners is doubled too, symbolizing the number of Nations participating in the tournament.