Joan Smalls Practices Muay Thai
Joan Smalls hitting pads / Pic: via Estee Lauder

TOP 8 highest-paid model passionate about our sport.

If you are not familiar with the name of Joan Smalls Rodriguez, don’t worry. I am not really a follower of the glamour industry either. However her name has emerged this morning when the “Date with Kate” came through the SMH news feed.

Quick research told us, that a couple of years ago, 27-years-old Puerto Rican Joan Smalls has been ranked #8 by Forbes mag as the “highest paid model”. She has been also the first Latina to represent Estée Lauder cosmetics in 2011, as well as being on the American Elle cover on the “Return of the Supermodel” last year.

The above is quite enough to be featured in our “Fight & Beauty” section. I believe, it is quite obvious with the “beauty” aspect, so this is where the “fight game” comes into action.

Renowned fitness industry is still booming, where everybody is basically crazy to look good. You should, of course, be healthy as well. In fact, I believe, this is the priority.

Being a super-model, requires two things, basically like anything. First you have your gifts from nature, those renowned “genetics”. The second, as we know, any talent needs to be helped and motivated. This is where your “nature” requires to be topped up and developed. Models normally work-out in the gym, same as everybody else, but Joan Smalls.

Kate Waterhouse’s bulletin quotes Joan Smalls saying the following: “I work out every other day. I like the idea of a woman feeling empowered and pulling her own weight. I go to the gym on my own and have two excellent trainers – one for full body and another for Muay Thai kickboxing and ju-jitsu.”

Additionally, Vogue Australia posted the mention by Joan Smalls in their release: “I work out almost every day and I mix it up: I do Thai kickboxing, I have a personal trainer, I work out at my gym.”

Indeed, the most buzzing description was given by H&M in their post last April.

“If she wants something, Joan Smalls makes sure she gets it. Sure, she was born with a beautiful face and a kick ass body (literally, she is an ass kicking Thai boxer), but it’s her drive that has made her one of the world’s highest-ranked and highest-paid models. Joan Smalls is one of the few models in the industry that deserves the prefix “super”. And all because she never gave up.”

I am not a big fan when they mix Muay Thai and Kickboxing, like if it was one thing. However, when it obviously comes to ladies, especially from the fashion industry, we should probably close our eyes on this little mistake.

Joan Smalls’ throws in a great example when the real sport is a must on to-do-list when it comes to training. Lifting weights is alright, it is needed as much or as little, and almost everybody does it. The Sport maintenance your body, develops coordination and makes you feel free.