Entering Second Decade

Continued growth for Australia’s leading digital fight media.

Aimed to be “the people’s mag” or the “magazine for people”, we’ve been always succeeding in building stars and promoting names across the world.

Due to the WKN we’ve been always involved in some of the most eminent kick-boxing projects. We’ve been also delivering some of the most anticipated breaking news from different parts of the Planet to the rest of the world.

In the release last May, I have outlined the stages of development of FIGHTMAG, as well as some of the renowned brands and names involved.

Looking towards the future, with no prediction required, I can only say that FIGHTMAG will definitely expand. There will be several new features included in the project, such as a Weekly Edition, Livestream and quite a few other things.

I am honored to say that it’s been 10 successful years, which have, of course, also included a lot of hard work, talent and support.

Thank you all for being with us. Stay tuned on FIGHTMAG!