Kim Piper Makes MMA Debut
Kim Piper / Pic: Hitman

Sxy MMA Australia ring card girls and promo models founder Kim Piper makes a debut as an MMA fighter.

“Personally I am too scared to be a ring girl, I would get-in and fight, rather than walk around that ring.”

The quote above is what Piper has told us last March. Four months later, on July 25th she fought Helaina Rose in Perth. The judges verdict unanimously pronounced Sxy MMA founder as the winner.

It was an amateur MMA challenge with several moves restricted. Up-kicks were not in use, whilst three points of body were of contact on the ground, as well as the elbow strikes and rotating twisting locks were not allowed either. The rest of the full contact MMA fight action was in place..

“I wanted to challenge myself. Though, it scared the hell out of me – jumping in and having an MMA fight,” Piper says.

“That is why I booked it in. That way I had something to focus on and train for.”

“I was pretty calm leading up to my match. Though 30 minutes prior I felt a bit sick in the stomach, I was very nervous to walk out,”

“I just focused on my breathing and what I needed to do. I tried to block everything else out,”

“It was crazy. All my friends were screaming, the place erupted. It was a great experience and I will definitely do it again.”

“Big thanks to my coach Rodrigio Girlades who was an amazing support leading up to my fight. I couldn’t have done it without him.”

Kim Piper has established Sxy MMA ring card girls group in 2011. The team has been seen throughout Western Australia, performing at MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai shows.