AMA Calls for MMA Ban
AMA's vice-president Steve Parnis said cage fighting was "something you would expect from the 19th century" / Photo: AFP: Paul Ellis via ABC

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) wants the ban on all of the combat sports.

Competing to the best of their ability – trying their hardest to physically injure one another.

The above is featured in ABC release dedicated to the matter. The source also suggests that a new position statement from the AMA said it was now against “any sport, martial art or activity in which the primary objective of participants is to strike, kick, hit, grapple with, throw or punch one or more participant”.

Australian Medical Association calls for ban on boxing at Olympics, Commonwealth Games

The subject raised in regards to AMA’s concerns that combat sports cause “irreversible injury”.

“These sports are a public demonstration of interpersonal violence which is unique among sporting activities. Victory is obtained by inflicting on the opponent such a measure of physical injury that the opponent is unable to continue, or which at least can be seen to be significantly greater than is received in return.”

AMA wants all combat sports and martial arts to be completely outlawed for under 18s as well as boxing to be banned at the Games.

The matter was commented by combat sports giants, including Danny Green, who said that banning the sport would just send it underground. Additionally renowned boxer made a mention on under 18 competitors and his general view on combat sports.

“I’m against young kids taking blows to the head,”

“It’s a sport which breeds respect and discipline.”