MMA in The Ring, Muay Thai in the Cage
`Muay Thai fighter John Wayne Parr inside MMA cage / Photo: Facebook

There are certain things which are certainly the other way around.

“Which way are you going to look?”, questions MMA Mania in the release on Bellator & Glory which hold simultaneous MMA & Kickboxing bouts on September 19 in American San Jose, State California. It is reported that the MMA cage and Kickboxing ring will be located side by side. The ‘prelims’ fights will be happening in exactly the same time.

In the mean time in Australia…

The actual cage for the bouts under the rules of Mixed Martial Arts is banned in the States of Victoria and Western Australia. The MMA challenges are held inside the boxing ring. This is the way it is regulated by the local government.

On the other side of the country, in the State of Queensland, Muay Thai fights are held in the MMA cage. Renowned Caged Muay Thai is an invention of John Wayne Parr, who has combined his “muaythai life” with a new passion he has discovered in UFC a couple of years back. This has practically nothing to do with the government, it is not really involved.

Furthermore, it has been reported last week that The Australian Medical Association calls for the ban on all of the combat sports and wants Boxing to be “removed” from the Games. Basically, this kind of claims stamp a “fat comma” on the movement of Muay Thai towards Olympics.

Combining all of the information and the facts above, it all undoubtedly makes a vast confusion of what is actually going on with the “modern” Martial Arts on the different sides of the Planet.