Team Spain Defeats Team Australia
Span's Javier Hernández victorious over Aussie Michael Thompson in the opening round of "The Circle" tournament in Barcelona on Saturday 12 September 2015 / Photo: Gloria Marfil

Team Australia collects a destroying count 5:0 favoring Team Spain at The Circle tournament in Barcelona.

Robert Powdrill, Michael Thompson, Brendon Harris and Samantha Brown took part in the “Clash of the Nations” last night in Barcelona. Australians took on the best of Spain, opening The Circle tournament. None of Aussies were pronounced as the winner.

Official team points score is 5:0, due to a female challenge bringing two points into a total count.

Results – Team Spain wins vs Team Australia – 5:0

Javier Jorge wins vs Rob Powdrill – Middleweight

Javier Hernández wins vs Michael Thompson – Lightweight

Hichem Menaouine wins vs Brendon Harris – Welterweight

Eva Naranjo wins vs Samantha Brown – Bantamweight