Jorge Acero Cali for Bright Future of Escobar
Jorge "Acero" Cali (right) with Daniel Scioli, Argentina presidency candidate (middle) and Stephane Cabrera, CEO of the World Kickboxing Network (left) / Photo: Supplied

The D-Day in political life of Argentina is happening this Sunday 25th October 2015. Jorge Cali – WKN World Champion for the future of Escobar.

After retirement from fighting in the ring, South American kickboxing star Jorge “Acero” Cali has put all of his efforts towards the bright future of the city of Escobar in Buenos Aires. Cali is teamed up with Daniel Scioli, the leading candidate for the presidency in Argentina (pictured middle). There is only one more day till the historical date.

As an active fighter not really a while ago, Jorge “Acero” Cali has gained his international recognition throughout the world. He had been a part of South American “Mega-Boxing” events live on Fox Sports. “Acero” is a former 4-time WKN world champion, who has demonstrated his talents not only on his home soil, but also in Europe and Caribbean.

“Through sport I’ve learned some of the most notable values, such as a respect, honesty, healthy life style, partnership, solidarity and loyalty. All these should be applied in all paths of life and of course in politics.”

Jorge Cali has been always stating that it is Stephane Cabrera (pictured left) who has given that major impact to his career in sport. He acknowledges, that it is because of the World Kickboxing Network, he was able to success and become an eminent fighter from Argentina. Cabrera, the president of WKN, will be in Escobar this weekend, witnessing the day of history in Argentina.