Fightmag + Acero Gold Ring Made in WKN
WKN Ring - Fightmag 10 Years + Acero to Victory - 24K gold plated with natural crystal rocks hand made

WKN president Stephane Cabrera has made a historical transcontinental link between Australia and Argentina.

By a coincidence or by the power of destiny, Fightmag 10 years here in Australia happens the same year as the political elections in Argentina. This is where today a former four-time kickboxing world champion Jorge “Acero” Cali has taken a triumphal victory in Buenos Aires’ city of Escobar.

Stephane Cabrera, president of the World Kickboxing Network, has again deeply demonstrated the meaning of the “Family Spirit”. Not only that Cabrera has traveled from Europe to another side of the Planet in South America, to personally support and witness Cali during the final stages ahead of the “D-Day” of elections, but has he also brought some thing with him.

The gift the WKN head presented to “Acero” Cali is, as much or as little, but a limited collection of the “World Champion” gold ring. The WKN emblem on the front with the name of Jorge “Acero” Cali himself, his title and, now already historical elections date of 25th October 2015. Furthermore, renowned “Simply The Best” slogan features “La Familia WKN Para La Victoria” (WKN Family to Victory) which are also engraved in the 24K gold plated with natural crystal rocks hand made ring.

Finally, FIGHTMAG 10 Years, which we have celebrated on August 27th earlier this year, is eminently outlined on the top. Personally, as an editor-in-chief of the mag, I am very honored and proud of all of these happenings.

Firstly it has really been ten years since we have established FIGHTMAG with Stephane Cabrera, back in 2005 in France. Equivalently, I am always “proud to be WKN”, moreover now knowing that one more of our champions has disgustingly succeed in a new journey, since the boxing gloves were put aside. I congratulate Jorge Cali with this great victory.

Ultimately, what Stephane Cabrera has produced when united FIGHTMAG together with “ACERO” – is an establishment of new solid bridge between Australia and Argentina in terms of sporting relations, further transcontinental recognition of both, and of course, an enhancement of the WKN Family Spirit, which lasts always and forever.