Fresh of the gold-medal win at Muay Thai Australia National Championships less than two weeks back on the Gold Coast, “Springbok” Yolanda Schmidt has left nothing for the judges last Saturday night in Sydney.

Yolanda Schmidt Wins Nationals Towards Real Hero

My hair tie came out, so one of my braids were loose and I looked like an Amazon warrior.

“I am really ecstatic to have taken the win on home soil.”

Schmidt has faced Australia-based Hungarian Rozi Komlos, who has been credited as a tough and experienced fighter. Female muaythai bout has beautified a popular Real Hero fight night which was held in Sydney’s suburb of West Ryde on October 31st. The fight was scheduled for 5 rounds but it was all over early in the forth.

“First round could have been anyone’s,” Schmidt says.

“In the second, I had her in the corner throwing elbows and knees. Sadly none landed well enough to cut, but well enough to give an eight count,”

“Third round we’ve clinched more, and I was looking to land an uppercut elbow. We both landed some good shots.”

“The bell went for forth, we touched gloves and I waited a second only. Front-kick to the face did the job – I saw her stumbling back, so I launched my right hand,”

“The referee jumped on me as she fell to the ground. She got back up during the count, but the doctor called it off.”

Yolanda Schmidt is South Africa born, prominent muaythai fighter, residing in Sydney, NSW. She is a National team member, as well as the WKN Australian champion.