Stephane Cabrera Supports Jorge Acero Cali
WKN president Stephane Cabrera shows his support to the city of Escobar in Buenos Aires, Argentina / Photo: Supplied

WKN president Stephane Cabrera has returned to Europe from an intercontinental venture to South America.

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Last week Stephane Cabrera has spent in Argentina, where he attended the political elections in Buenos Aires’ city of Escobar. This where a former kickboxing world champion Jorge “Acero” Cali has taken a triumphal victory. Cabrera has expressly traveled to another side of the Planet to support his long-time friend Cali, as well as the team of Daniel Scioli who is a leading Argentina presidency candidate.

Argentina is a capital of kickboxing in South America. A beautiful country has been hosting the “Built in WKN” shows since over fifteen years. The MegaBoxing events live on FOX Sports have raised “Acero” Cali on the world’s pedestal.

These days eminent Simply The Best tournaments see champions Christian Bosch, Ignacio Capllonch and Federico Roma battling with the International kickboxing elite. It all generates a real trans-continental family spirit, as well as vastly helps to develop sport in the region.

Furthermore, as the “moment of impact”, the “La fuerza del deporte” quote, which in Spanish says the power of sport, comes into action. This is where the three-time winner of the World Superboat USA Championship and four-time European champion, Daniel Scioli puts his stands and discipline, which he has learned from sport, towards the bright future of Argentina, as the next president to be.

Sport units people and the Nations. Stephane Cabrera is a head of the World Kickboxing Network (WKN) based in Europe. Jorge “Acero” Cali is a former 4x WKN World Champion from South America. He is from the Justicialist Party, where Daniel Scioli is the leading candidate for Argentina presidency. We are pleased to share all of the above here on FIGHTMAG from Australia.