Eminem Songs Lift Workout Performance By 10%


Researchers say that listening to music by the Rap Genius Eminem may boost your athletic performance.

Almost 100 different artists had been studied before the Top 10 songs were found and combined in the playlist, titled as the “Soundtrack of Success”. The Academy Award-winning track “Lose Yourself” by Eminem leads the chart.

Ordinary people can achieve the extraordinary

This is where Medical Daily quotes British swimmer Ben Hooper and Richard Collins (sports psychologist and senior lecturer at Hartpury University Centre) that Eminem is featured heavily on the “Soundtrack of Success” because “listening to Eminem inspires confidence and determination as there is a general theme of triumphing against the odds, while other songs made think of his daughter and reminded him why he’s doing this historic challenge – to show that ordinary people can achieve the extraordinary.”

“The music still needs to be at a brisk pace, but we found that tracks with an emotional resonance can boost performance and endurance as much as 10 percent,” Collins said.

“This could be because these emotionally tied songs help Ben muscle down and push through the pain and monotony of swimming so many lengths during such an ultra-endurance event.”

Moreover, out of ten songs on the list, there are three by Eminem, and he also takes two first positions. “Not Afraid” follows “Lose Yourself”, and “Without Me” is stated as the number nine. A complete “Soundtrack of Success” is presented below.

1. Lose Yourself – Eminem

2. Not Afraid – Eminem

3. Don’t You Worry Child – Swedish House Mafia

4. Hall of Fame – The Script

5. Remember the Name – Fort Minor

6. Stay – Sash

7. We Come 1 – Faithless

8. The Day Is My Enemy – The Prodigy

9. Without Me – Eminem

10. Back in the UK – Scooter