Learn from world champion Nathan Carnage Corbett
Nathan Carnage Corbett / Photo: Art of Action

Eleven-time muaythai world champion Nathan Carnage Corbett continues his educational journey.

Over the years, Nathan Carnage Corbett has gained a global popularity, being credited as the “man with the golden elbows”. He is a unique heavyweight muaythai-boxer, who was able to get on the world’s top via the usage of beloved technique of the “Art of Eight Limbs”, the elbow-strikes. But it is not only about the elbows, of course. It is a mindset and strategy, perfection of skills, development of personality and much more. These are those hidden, important aspects.

Since postponing the actual fighting, a muaythai industry expert and a deep minded individual Nathan Corbett, has been working with folks throughout the world. He has run two international editions of “Carnage Seminar”, as well as been striving to deliver his knowledge to the crowds Australia-wide.

Recently, along side with a popular The Carnage Perspective video blog, where Corbett answers the questions from fans, his Facebook feed has been truly dynamical with the quotations to photographs which could easily combine a real book. Only a few of them are presented below.

“Never stop learning – or the game called life will be over”

“Teaching is a pleasure and a gift… Everyone can remember at some point in there life the moment – they learnt something that changed there game or even life.”

“Make your scars count”

“Victory doesn’t always leave you untouched… But it’s the victory in itself that counts! No one has ever walked through life without scars, either on there skin or there heart… But if you walk blind with no plan, no goal, no site… then the scars you collect have little meaning… So make those scars victories! Set goals, have dreams… then go smash down those walls to get them.”

“Don’t waste another moment”

“How bad do you want it? If the answer is “with everything I’ve got”, then don’t waste another moment!”

“Life is a fight”

“Mental preparation is not only for fighters training to fight in the ring, but also for life! Skills mindset and attitude… get the most out of your self and get closer to your goals being completed.”

Furthermore, residing on Gold Coast, QLD, Nathan Corbett welcomes everyone to learn from him “one on one”, which is a part of the “Carnage Training”. The system 11x world champion has been developing, is built of the group training seminars, personal coaching, educational speeches and much more.