Janique Lim Muay Thai for All
Janique Lim sealing the ring moments ahead of her demo bout in Perth, WA in July 2015 / Photo: Brock Doe

Mauritius-born lady fighter Janique Lim breaks age stereotypes stepping inside the boxing ring this Sunday in West Australian Perth.

Muaythai has been popular among women for a long time. For most “girls muaythai” is just a popular “training for yourself” thing, the way Victoria’s Secret Model Gracie Carvalho does it for fitness, in terms of her “toughest workout”. For others it is a professional career in sport, when female athletes become world champions, as well as internationally renowned representatives of fight sports, which is obviously great.

The hero of this release is a 41-years-old Janique Lim, who trains shoulder-to-shoulder with prominent Misagh Norouzi, under the patronage of Top Sangmorakot. At this age the sports future is not so bright, nevertheless nothing stops Lim in her goals, as well as her trainer who sees the potential and believes in his student.

Lim was introduced to fight atmosphere last July, when she performed a demo bout with her team mate Shannon Peek. Tomorrow, though, Lim is under the real full muaythai action against Toorel Lonsdale at “Ignition Muay Thai” fight show in Perth.