John Wayne Parr on Jumping Scissor Knee: Easy

Australian man from the people’s hurting business, John Wayne Parr was featured in Submission Radio weekly episode.

Wednesday’s clips by Submission Radio share a variety of fighting skills applied in Muaythai, kickboxing, MMA, boxing and other combat sports. JWP was seen in the latest to date release on December 2, where he has demonstrated a “Jumping Scissor Knee” in action.

‘Hopefully you are looking for a highlight knockout,’ John Wayne Parr.

Parr has explained when it is the right time to perform this particular technique, where to aim your hit and a possible knockout highlight to follow. The concluding say by Aussie muaythai icon was combined in one popular word in Land Down Under: “easy”.

Additionally, Submission Radio has provided the following presentation on JWP having an amazing “career of over 100 kickboxing and Muay Thai fights since 1992.”

“He has also trained elite MMA fighters at gyms such as Jackson/Winkeljohn’s and Tristar, including names like Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre.”

Furthermore, a new John Wayne Parr’s highlight hit YouTube on December 6th. An over ten minutes clip, titled as the “EPIC Fight Highlight”, is made of as many Parr’s fights as you like. The montage includes challenges in Thailand from over ten years back, “Contender Asia” bouts, as well as the clashes on Australian soil.