Valeria Orsini Wants In Kickass Fighting Movie


The first-string bombshells across the World certainly have passion towards the art of eight limbs. Top model Valeria Orsini proves it again.

This Atlanta-born beauty is of Colombian, Italian, and Puerto Rican descent, and it shows in every one of her incredible curves. With her perfectly fit and muscular figure, it’s no wonder this blonde bombshell has modeled for H&M, walked runways for Tara Love and Lace to Lust, and been featured on the covers of magazines like Lifestyle and Mixed Magazine.

But despite her self-described “Latin Mix,” Orsini truly is a Georgia peach at heart – especially where it matters.

What people don’t know about Orsini is that she got her crafted her jaw-dropping body, a lovely combination of muscular and feminine, by doing Muay Thai 4 to 5 times a week (not unlike 25-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Gracie Carvalho). She told Clotheshorse that she wants to star in a “kickass-fighting movie” – and it shows in her sizzling workout shots.

So how can you land a woman like Orsini? The sultry beauty likes “a smart man that can teach me things, that also has my back and will protect me, but someone down to earth to level out my crazy life,” according to an interview with Mixed Magazine. But her biggest turn-on is “someone that’s fun and makes me laugh no matter what we’re doing.” And she doesn’t kiss on the first date: “You gotta work for those.”

Even if getting with Orsini is not in your future (and trust us, it isn’t), you can get to know this gorgeous model more on her stunning Instagram account.