The World Kickboxing Network has sealed a two-year deal with KOMBAT Sport.

Kickboxing world series under the famous label of Simply The Best will be pleasing fight fans across the Planet in the following two seasons. Several countries including Australia are on the list of the current negotiation to accommodate an eminent sports gala in the action TV production.

The Simply The Best series are invented by the WKN president Stephane Cabrera in November 2014. During the first season nine significant chapters were televised from Belgium, Argentina, Czech Republic, Sweden, Hungary and Slovakia. National networks, as well as FOX Sports in South America, have provided the live coverage of the shows, with the following exclusive broadcast throughout Europe by KOMBAT Sport.

The opening round in 2016 is set with Simply The Best 10 in Prague, Czech Republic on April 15. The main event will see kickboxing super-heavyweight clash, with local Petr Vondracek and Frenchman Nicolas Wamba squaring their differences in the anticipated rematch.

Earlier this month the WKN World Office also released that “a meeting has been recently held between WKN Poland representative Cezary Podraza and Tomasz Makowski. The agreement was set to promote this year a traditionally outstanding kickboxing gala in Poland. The main event will be set to see Poland’s biggest star for over six years Tomasz Makowski himself.”

Moreover, the last steps of negotiations are in place “to promote one of the following chapters of Simply The Best world series in Florencia Caqueta, Colombia. The main event shall be set with local kickboxing star Andres Dussan.”