Fight Night Saint Tropez Prepares Super Show
French star Jerome Le Banner after his final career fight and WKN world title defence against American Karl Roberson in the main event of Fight Night Saint Tropez on 4th August 2015 / Photo: Victor Podgorski

WKN kickboxing Fight Night Saint Tropez afresh on August 4 in the loved city by celebrities from across the World.

Stunning and astonishing KNOCKOUT show the Fight Night is an annual VIP event. The debut installment hit the scene in 2013, with an attendance of Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone. The biggest French kickboxing star of all times Jerome Le Banner headlined events defending his prestigious WKN heavyweight world title.

The fight card has seen renowned fighters from all parts of the Planet. Naming a few from the top of the head will be Dutch legend Peter Aerts, Russian world champion Vladimir Mineev, Thai star Chomanee Sor Taehiran, French prominent Nicolas Wamba and Yohan Lidon, Brazilian Thiago Beowulf and Congolese Danyo Ilunga.

The latest edition of the Fight Night in 2015 was dedicated to Jerome Le Banner’s final fight. The show has beat French national TV ratings. This kind of outcome has definitely helped to lift kickboxing to the mainstream for, at least, sometime.

Fight Night Saint Tropez 2016 is being made. Since Le Banner has finalized his fighting deeds, there shall be an equal frame to headline the show. He will though of course present at the event, supporting his friends and country-fellows, as well as providing even more weight to the event.

We will have more on this story as it develops.