Australian muaythai celebrity Nathan “Carnage” Corbett prospects for the future.

Last time Corbett fought in April 2014 when he faced Gokhan Saki at Glory kickboxing show in Istanbul, Turkey. He received an ear injury and the doctor stopped the fight. Since then fight fans across the World haven’t seen “The Carnage” in action.

“I also miss the people and miss being able to fight on that top level,”

“However it’s only a matter of time before you must step down and others will then shine.”

Since 2003 Corbett has gained 11 world title. For many years he was recognized as the best Muay Thai heavyweight. I’ve asked him if he sees anybody on horizon to replace him, or if there potentially was somebody to issue him a challenge under the rules of the Art of Eight Limbs. Also the matter is not only to be the next best fighter in the division and take the belt, but to prove and cement the name like the “man with the golden elbows” did.

“I don’t see anybody at the moment in the Muay Thai world, but of course there are plenty on the rise.”

“The thing is – it takes more than just fight skills in the ring to be great and amaze the World.”

“I’m sure there’s someone that could, as there is always some out there bigger and better,”

“When I was at the top it didn’t happen, but who knows.”

“I wouldn’t like to say ‘no there won’t be’, but all I know is – it will be hard to do it for the length I did it.”

“Muay Thai isn’t as big as it was some years ago.”

“To me the stand up game is what I love, and wish only people fought in Muay Thai,”

“So one rule for stand up fighting.”

“If you are good enough – then you won’t get elbowed, if you are not – then too bad.”

Since unofficial retirement from fighting, Corbett has been sharing his knowledge with others. He has been on demand throughout the country and across the sea. “The Carnage” group seminars and personal teaching have been certainly keeping him occupied. From my experience I know that there is always a different approach and way when it comes to different types of people like general public, sport fans and professional athletes.

“I do enjoy teaching, it’s something I’ve always been good at doing. When I left school, I taught Karate for few years, before moving onto my Muay Thai career.”

“Over a 15-year fight career I developed the understanding of health and fitness, and the importance of body and mind together.”

“The thing with all different types of people is one defining factor – it is mental. Mind.”

“They all have certain goals or levels they want to reach or achieve. Of course technique is a major factor next to fitness and power, but the mind plays the biggest part,”

“So I enjoy to help them understand more and tap into there minds.”

“Many have suggested and told me I should open my own gym. At this stage it is not on the cards.”

“My near future plans are to travel with my seminars to as many places possible. To help, teach, inspire and motivate others,”

“With not only my fight skills, but also mental strength and attitude.”

“I’ve been very blessed to have travel twice to Europe for my seminars and I’m off again in March.”

“The friends I’ve made, and also now business partners like Misa from Ronin gym in Serbia and Ciaran from the UK – are amazing.”

“I also love to stay the best shape I can be for my students, as a representation of what it takes still. Plus it’s great to keep that beach body all year round.”

The breaking news is that Corbett is going to write a book. He is certainly a deep-thinking character as well as a master of speech. Personally, I would also like to see him as a host of the adrenaline racing reality show, for example, or as a personality in the action movie.

“The book will be a self discovery,”

“Self help book by using my journey and wisdom I’ve gained along the way.”

“So, all that reading can relate and grow on others, their own life journey.”

“After all, life itself is a fight.”

“The silver screen would be cool. Will just have to see what the future holds with that one.”