Indian MMA fighter Bharat Khandare
Bharat Khandare interviwed inside the cage / Photo: YouTube

Under the management of the World Kickboxing Network, Indian MMA competitor Bharat Khandare is taking part in the new Japanese fighting show ‘Ganryujima’ on Fuji Network.

Khandare, 29, is a rare fighter that we see out of India. Featherweight athlete experienced five MMA wins out of six bouts. He reportedly takes on local star Kazuhisa Watanabe, who has fought in professional boxing and kickboxing, as well as tried himself in MMA. On March 25 the two will clash at the freshly announced ‘Ganryujima’ fight show in Tokyo.

‘Ganryujima’ is a new form of fighting in Japan, named after a small Japanese island. The concept is organized by a former promoter and executive of K-1 Sadaharu Tanikawa. The backbone is a Fuji Network, which is one of the major networks in Japan. Fuji Network used to showcase celebrities like Mark Hunt, Fedor Emelianenko, Alistair Overeem and many others for tournaments that aired on New Years Eve, which is always the biggest rated time in Japan.

MMA Fighting reported that “the rules explained at the press conference in Tokyo are that it will be a MMA fighting, but without submissions. The matches will be held in a flat circle, similar to sumo, with no ring or a cage. Punching will be allowed on the ground. Wrestling is allowed, but submissions are eliminated. There will be quick stand-ups from lack of punching on the ground, as the ground work will be allowed only if their is an attempt to finish the fight.”