Watch Gallen vs Huni live stream
Watch Gallen vs Huni live stream
Watch Gallen vs Huni live stream
Watch Gallen vs Huni live stream
Watch Gallen vs Huni live stream
Watch Gallen vs Huni live stream
Watch Gallen vs Huni live stream
Watch Gallen vs Huni live stream

John Wayne Parr Always Fighting

Australian fight celebrity John Wayne Parr headlines the eighth edition of ‘Caged Muay Thai’ on the Gold Coast.

The gala is taking place at Logan Metro Sports Centre on Friday, March 4. Parr is taking on the first-string New Zealander Bradley Riddell. There is a bit of a history behind this bout.


In 2013 Parr and Riddell faced off in Melbourne. That was when New Zealander took a week notice, replacing Brazilian Cosmo Alexandre. Unexpected change of the opponent, for what was a decider between JWP and Cosmo, happened due to VISA issue. The result of Brazilian not being able to enter Land Down Under, was Riddell going in. Indeed, he issued a five-rounder for John Wayne Parr, with no fan left disappointed.

Since, Parr went through five contests, seeing the wins over Yohan Lidon and Daniel Kerr, defeats from Toby Smith and Cosmo Alexandre, and the recent victorious fight versus Ireland’s Mark Casserly in December last year.

Next is when Parr and Riddell square off under traditional rules of the ‘Art of Eight Limbs’, though inside the Octagon, fighting in small MMA gloves. This time New Zealander has a sufficient period of time to be fully armed.

“Brad is a great fighter and I have all the respect in the world for him,” Parr told today.

“Our first fight was very exciting so I want to give the same sort of fight to the CMT crowd.”

“Brad has grown also gaining more experience fighting both China, Thailand and New Zealand, so I know this fight is going to be harder than the first.”

“I want a fight that leaves the crowd leaving the venue saying ‘Holy shit, how good was that!'”

“If that happens then my job as a promoter is done.”

Promotional banner ready for CMT8. My opponent @bradquakeriddell is fast becoming an international star with his aggressive style and heavy hands. Will be a tough fight but I’m always looking to test myself proving I can still mix it with the best. We are also very proud to be hosting our international semi main event. Australia’s rising talent @steph.glew will be up against one of the toughest females on the planet right now fighting @jojorinab from Holland. CMT star Michael Badato will be rematching Jason Scerri. They are one a piece in the ring and will decide the rubber match in the cage with mma gloves on. @elliotcpt will be defending his CMT title facing a tough Thai now living in Brisbane. Going to be a crazy night of entertainment inside the cage. To order your tickets please to go under CMT. 4 more weeks till we knuckle on.

A photo posted by John Wayne Parr (@johnwayneparr) on

John Wayne Parr, 39, is the unique athlete from Australia who carries the longest career of a fighter. He is competing for over 24 years starting in 1992. In 2012 Parr believed that the mark of 20 was enough. He returned to ‘People Hurting Business’ in less than twelve months.

“I have been very lucky to be injury free. Almost, besides when Toby [Smith] cracked my face.”

“I still have the same passion for the sport as when I was 11 years old,”

“I want to ride it out until my body breaks and I can’t do it any more.”

“Fighting is also my main income. My gym helps pay the bills but my fight money helps me not have to worry so much if I have a quite week with members.”

In addition to all earned belts and gained fame, Parr recently claimed the ‘title’ of a distinguish producer, movie-maker and cameraman. He filmed UFC star Mark Hunt punching infamous ‘Noodles’ in the stomach. The footage broke the news across the Planet.


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