Rivera Lost 35 kg Through Muay Thai
Emiliano 'Noodles' River / Photo: Ray Panton

The kid who UFC star Mark Hunt punched in the stomach tells his story.

Emiliano Rivera, commonly known as ‘Noodles’ is a nephew of John Wayne Parr from the side of his wife Angie. Rivera is a nine months visitor from the United States, since his mom sent him to Land Down Under to change his lifestyle. The change didn’t make to wait itself, ‘Noodles’ jumped in the boxing ring and he now continues training and fighting in muaythai.

“Before I came to Australia I was smoking weed every day, drinking…” Rivera said.

“I was living a really unhealthy lifestyle, eating crap food… just so lazy and not motivated, ”

“It’s a really depressing lifestyle after a while.”

“Coming to Australia was probably the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life,”

“It’s just seems to be going up and up. I am living a dream.”

‘Noodles’ trains at the Boonchu gym on the Gold Coast, the training camp of his famous uncle John Wayne Parr. This is where Rivera broke the news last month by taking a body shot from UFC star Mark Hunt. He didn’t go down, he laughed.

“We got him training in the gym twice a day,” John Wayne Parr commented on his now infamous nephew.

“Since he has been with us for a few months, he lost close to 40 kilos,”

“Things were not going so well in America. Since he’s been here, though, his confidence gone through the roof, ”

“He is a very positive kid now. ”

“Big inspiration to a lot of people. If he can do it – everybody else can do it as well”

“It has been such an amazing transformation only within the last few months.”

“I am looking forward to watch his progress in the future.”

Rivera has certainly already lost a lot of weight. He had to deal with the issues of laziness, motivation and confidence. The main reason behind ‘Noodles’ putting on so much weight as a child, he, though, honestly explained as the “food is f***ing delicious”.