Yolanda Schmidt Aims Gold Medal
Yolanda Schmidt will represent Australia in Sweden this May / Photo: Gergpoom Intapuriya

Potentially the best female muaythai fighter on the Planet Yolanda Schmidt represents Australia at IFMA 2016 World Championship that is held from 19 to 29 of May in Jonkoping, Sweden.

South African-born Sydney’s Yolanda ‘The Springbok’ Schmidt is a 2015 Australian best women’s Muay Thai fighter. Featuring her prestigious WKN national title win in Perth last year, she has also earned a bronze medal for Australia at Royal World Cup in Bangkok. That was when she took a conclusive victory over Thai star Chomanee.

In her latest bout in Sydney end of 2015 Schmidt stopped Kozi Komlos in round four. On April 9 she is fighting Samantha Brown in Brisbane. The two will challenge the WBC national belt. Five weeks after, ‘The Springbok’ is off to Sweden, being a solid brick in the wall of Team Australia.

Schmidt is Australian national team member since 2014. She now holds an undefeated record of fifteen professional bouts. She is regarded as a fresh, though already internationally recognized, name of women Muay Thai from Land Down Under.

Over a hundred of male, female and junior sportsmen combine National muaythai team of Australia. Women part of the squad is self-funded. Therefore, representing the Nation, the athletes are always forced to generate the funds for it on their own.

Those interested in getting involved to support one of Australia’s elite athletes Yolanda Schmidt, are welcome to contribute which will certainly help. Schmidt’s camp has recently launched the fundraiser in hopes to receive support from those who cares about Australian stars of the ‘Art of Eight Limbs’.

“We are accepting prize donations or any cash donations,” stated on Schmidt’s fundraiser page.

“Further events and opportunities to support the fundraising will be posted to social media accounts.”

“Your contribution will make a difference!”

“Thank you to all who have been such amazing supporters over the past two years! Without you, no one would know my name!”