Jorge Acero Cali becomes the president of Honorable Council in Escobar
Jorge 'Acero' Cali (R) with World Kickboxing Network president Stephane Cabrera (L) / Photo: Supplied

Former four-time WKN kickboxing world champion from Argentina, Jorge Acero Cali has been voted as a new president of City Council of Escobar in Buenos Aires region.

‘Acero’ Cali reportedly replaced Hugo Cantero who was dismissed from the place after a tough round of negotiations at the unscheduled session earlier this week. Indeed, 11 votes went in his [Cali] favor, 12 declared as abstention, and one person was absent at the session. The details on the matter can be found at La Politica Online (Spanish).

Jorge Cali aka “Acero” (Eng. steel) is Argentine WKN kickboxing super-cruiserweight former 4x world champion. He has been the most eminent kickboxer from all South America and competed across the World. Cali retired in 2013 in the final fight under MMA rules in the cage against Brazilian Horacio Enrique.

“Through sport I’ve learned some of the most notable values, such as a respect, honesty, healthy life style, partnership, solidarity and loyalty. All these should be applied in all paths of life and of course in politics.” Cali told FIGHTMAG last May.

After retirement Cali started a political campaign aiming to improve his hometown Escobar. He has worked with the team of very experience politicians, including Daniel Scioli, Argentina presidential candidate 2015. Last October Cali has taken a win at the elections in Escobar. World Kickboxing Network president Stephane Cabrera traveled to Argentina and personally congratulated ‘Acero’ with triumphant victory.