Iranian Olympic Committee invited the World Kickboxing Network president Stephane Cabrera for an official meeting.

Iranian kickboxing promoter Seyed Hamid Reza Hejazi is the person in charge to organize the tour locally. The journey is held from 3 to 7 May in Tehran. Cabrera travels with WKN director Osman Yigin, who is a former 16-time world champion.

“Every year we travel to new countries to help them with the development of kickboxing,” Cabrera said.

“Last year was Nepal. This year Iran where we are having a meeting with all kickboxing community.”

[“Recently in Nepal, for example, after I had a meeting with the mayor of Katmandu, he has decided to give to Mr Binod Khadgi (WKN rep) a piece of land, and to finance the Martial Arts sports centre there. In a country where monthly salary is around only 30 Euro, I was very proud to success in this and soon you will see Nepal’s athletes fighting for WKN championships,” Cabrera told FIGHTMAG in 2015]

“WKN worked with Iran long ago. Recently we’ve relaunched our collaboration.”

“Last January we held the national kickboxing championship. Now we aim international activities.”

The key features of the tour include several media conferences, meeting with Olympic committee and two seminars for athletes and officials.

Over the years Iranian athletes compete on the international stages of kickboxing. Though, the most of them represent flags of other countries. Australia has also given two popular names of Iranian origin, such as Millad Farzad and Misagh Norouzi. This is where the number one federation, the WKN steps in, aiming to lift the level of sport in Iran itself.

World Kickboxing Network (WKN) is a global federation, established in 1994. Among everything, the WKN is the first organization to bring kickboxing to countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Corsica, Mongolia, Malta, Caribbean region and more. WKN delivered MMA to Europe via International Vale Tudo Council. WKN invented Pro-Am class. WKN is the only real world federation that operates on all parts of the Planet. More information you can find here.


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