Sergio Baterelli Begins Kickboxing Promotions with WKN
Manager Sergio Batarelli (r) with Brazilian boxer Esquiva Florentino (c) and Top Rank member Todd Duboef (l) during the press conference in Sao Paulo when Esquiva announced the beginning of his professional career / Photo: Gazeta Press

‘Premier Kickboxing’ series begin on July 2 in Paraguay when the powerful alliance launches a new international project under the umbrella of WKN.

World Kickboxing Network reportedly made a new agreement with famous Brazilian promoter, former world kickboxing champion Sergio Batarelli.

Over 15 years ago

In 2000 Black Belt Magazine shared that a powerful alliance has been formed to organize and streamline the sports of vale tudo, no-holds-barred fighting and mixed-martial arts competition around the world.

“Batarelli is best known as the former world kickboxing champion who runs the International Vale Tudo Championship in Brazil.”

“Cabrera is a former kickboxing champion who is now president of the World Kickboxing Network and was instrumental in convincing boxing promoter Don King to feature a muay thai title fight on the undercard of a recent Evander Holyfield pay-per-view championship defense.”

‘IVC was historical’

In 2014 Fightmag revealed historical facts of kickboxing in its development during the last twenty years. Sergio Batarelli and Vale Tudo were the key aspects in regards to South American part of the world at the beginning of the times.

“Sergio has been promoting in South America – in Brazil and Venezuela,” Cabrera said.

“Myself, before even any kind of MMA existed in Europe, I have been already promoting Vale Tudo shows throughout Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Finland, England, Spain, Serbia and Bosnia.”

“So I think we can say I was a pioneer of MMA in Europe.”

“We had great time with Sergio. He was running a very big machine, as all the best fighters were involved, from Wanderlei Silva to Chuck Liddell.”

“Sergio is still involved in our sport and now he is managing Olympian boxer [Esquiva Florentino] from Brazil who is now training and professionally fighting in USA. Sergio knows how to find and develop talents, so I believe his fighter soon will be a world champion, I’m sure.”

“Sergio was the man who has found Wanderlei Silva and many others.”

In 2009 Wanderlei Silva told Sherdog that “Sergio Batarelli was a great manager and did some great fights, like Fabio Gurgel against Mark Kerr,”

“A fantastic fight. Gurgel showed a lot of heart. ‘Pelé’ fought against Chuck Liddell. That fight was awesome. Pelé almost knocked Liddell out.”

“IVC was historical.”

Premier Kickboxing under WKN

Today Batarelli is known as the best South American MMA and kickboxing referee, manager of pro boxer Esquiva Florentino and co-promoter of UFC events in Brazil.

Baterelli now returns to kickboxing as a promoter. This is the sport where he gained a world title in 1992. Baterelli signed an agreement with the World Kickboxing Network to organize a minimum of 4 WKN events in Paraguay, in collaboration with a local promoter Ramon Lescano.

Premier Kickboxing launches on July 2 in Asuncion. Revealed names to compete on the début event are lightweight Jose Armo and female fighter Patricia Alujas. We will have more on this story as it develops.