WKN Gold Ring proudly valued Worldwide
WKN 24K gold-plated with crystal rocks hand made ring

Distinguished WKN gold ring ‘Fightmag 10 Years + Acero to Victory’ proudly valued across the Planet.

Limited collection exclusive WKN 24K gold-plated with crystal rocks handmade ring is dedicated to Argentine former world kickboxing champion Jorge ‘Acero’ Cali in his political venture featuring the 10-year anniversary of Fightmag that we celebrated in August 2015.

Last Monday French kickboxing star Nicolas Wamba sincerely expressed himself on Facebook, sharing that he is proud to represent the WKN Family and hold three titles of world, European and intercontinental champion. He has also posted the words of appreciation to Stephane Cabrera and Habib Bakir [WKN representative in France] for their professionalism and trust. Wamba added that on April 16 he is defending his title at Simply The Best in Prague. Frenchman captioned the photo-collage that sees himself honorably demonstrating our exclusive WKN ring and his championship belt.

In November 2015 the World Kickboxing Network president Stephane Cabrera attended finale of SuperKombat in Romania as a special guest. The championship round saw Spanish kickboxer Loren Jorge stopping local star Andrei Stoica. The winner received a prestigious belt and one of our, limited collection, WKN rings live on Eurosport network.

The following month Northern Ireland held an annual KICKmas fight night in Belfast. This is where Cabrera made a special award-ceremony again. For their loyalty over twenty years, he presented England’s Bob Hunter and Gary Langford of Scotland with our honorable WKN ring.

WKN president Cabrera definitely unites people across the World. True family spirit goes through the words of French champion Wamba. Spanish Jorge tasted prestige of WKN whilst on top of his sports career. The gentlemen from UK, Hunter and Langford certainly felt the respect and the pride of being a part of the WKN family.

Personally, as an editor of Fightmag and World Kickboxing Network coordinator for Australia, I am pleased to see our brands throughout the Planet, as well as being associated with Jorge ‘Acero’ Cali himself.