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Brad Riddell Defeats John Wayne Parr in the Cage

First-string muay thai-boxer from New Zealand Brad Riddell wins a rematch against Australian legend John Wayne Parr on Friday March 4 on the Gold Coast.

Brad Riddell and John Wayne Parr faced off for the second time since their 2013 encounter in Melbourne, Vic. Back then Australian took a decision in the bout in which New Zealander stepped in on a week notice, replacing Brazilian Cosmo Alexandre.


Three years later Parr and Riddell went ahead again. The bout has seen traditional Muay Thai challenge, though competitors wore 4 oz MMA gloves battling in the Octagon. The two headlined the eighth edition of Caged Muay Thai fight night on the beautiful Gold Coast.

“What a fight,” Parr posted on Facebook. “Got dropped a few times with well paced hooks in the first few rounds. Felt I finally found my range 4 & 5 but way too late.”

“Even though I lost I’m super happy I fought the best of my ability and just beaten by the better man on the day.”

“Thank you for everyone’s support and hope you enjoyed the show.”

Caged Muay Thai 8 was certainly a blockbuster. Over 200 kilograms were in the cage when infamous ‘Noodles’ Emiliano Rivera faced Tim Hartmann for the second time. Indeed, Hartmann proved the original outcome, taking the baddest man first round KO win.

The highlighter of the night went to popular Michael Badato who remains undefeated in the cage with his sixth knockout win over Jason Scerri.

"Look I got a great idea. How about we start fighting in cages in mma gloves, but Muay Thai rules. What could go wrong?".

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Caged Muay Thai 8 Fight Results

Brad Riddell wins vs John Wayne Parr

Jorina Baars wins vs Steph Glew

Michael Badato wins vs Jason Scerri

Elliot Compton wins vs Sholey Staunch

Rob Ferguson wins vs Nick Rundle

Jun Lee wins vs Nick Trask

Rozie Komolos wins vs Kat Simpson

Brad Davies wins vs Jimmy Killick

Charlie Lamb vs Sone Tulua

Branton Termine wins vs Kyle Walsh

Patrick Holmes wins vs Corey Crittenden

Demi McNamara wins vs vs Kaysey Warner


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