Australia’s elite Muay Thai-boxer Toby Smith defeats top Thai Eakchanachai Kaewsamrit in Melbourne, Vic on Saturday 5th March.

Smith and Eakchanachai went ahead in the main event of the fifth edition of ‘Rebellion’ fight shows.

For Perth-born Smith it was the first fight on Australian soil in several years. He has lived and fought in Thailand for quite a while. There he gained recognition and earned respect from those who invented the ‘Art of Eight Limbs’.

The return to native shores was not a vacation. Smith got a call to challenge prestigious Max Muay Thai ‘Golden Belt’ winner from Bangkok Eakchanachai Kaewsamrit.

‘Way too strong,’ one of the comments on Facebook described Australian champion. Indeed, with no doubts Smith came out victorious from the contest. He is now looking forward to showcase in his home town Perth on April 3.

Rebellion 5 fight night in Melbourne has also seen Samuel Bark and Kurits Staiti taking the wins over Jamie Stamp and Roy Wills. Stephan Lottering beat Tom Gathercole and River Daz defeated Josh Thomas.


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