Chontel Duncan Pregnant Muay Thai Practitioner
Chontel Duncan Muay Thai Mamma To Be / Pic: Instagram

Australian fitness model Chontel Duncan is 37 weeks pregnant today. She hit Muay Thai pads today.

Chontel Duncan is based in Queensland where she runs HIIT Australia that states for ‘High Intense Interval Training’. This is where her morning started today.

The video Duncan posted on Instagram sees her punching pads and… kicking. You must watch it, since I can hardly believe to what I see myself. We are not talking about a full on fight preparation training, no.

But a 37 weeks pregnant young woman is doing something that is out of my understanding of how a pregnant women is.

Yahoo! Lifestyle shares that Duncan challenges Sarah Stage for ‘Craziest Pregnancy Abs’, who’s hardcore pregnancy abs made everyone lose their sh*t. For those not familiar with the story the refresher advises that ‘Los Angeles-based model posted a photo of her 34-weeks pregnant body on Instagram and people flipped out about her still-very-there abs and itty baby bump.’

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Australian Chontel Duncan aims for a knockout victory

“Chontel has worked out consistently throughout her pregnancy. And we’re not talking about low-intensity strolls on the treadmill here. Even in the third trimester, Chontel is kickboxing and practicing Muay Thai,” writes Lauren Del Turco of Yahoo! Lifestyle

On the day when her pregnancy hit 36 weeks, Duncan shared a similar clip on Instagram hitting pads. Jab-cross, switch legs, left kick, following with cross-hook right kick combination. Aussie mamma-to-be is doing it.

When I train this is what I think about…

Chontel Duncan is certainly a Muay Thai enthusiast, she loves it. One of her photographs sees her doing ‘right knee’ technique, with a motivational caption that applies to all sports, lifestyles and workouts.

“When I train I think of how much of a blessing it is that I CAN train, that I have the opportunity to make my body stronger, fitter, faster & healthier.”

“When I train I think of how lucky I am to have an outlet to keep me mentally grounded, to release excess energy & cope with life’s bullshit the most rewarding way possible.”

“When I train I think about how important it is that I set the best example for others & this I am grateful for because it has moulded me to absolutely CRAVE the way training makes my body feel.”


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