Jake Gyllenhaal Says Boxing is a Science with a Specificity

Silver Screen southpaw boxer Jake Gyllenhaal talks about his favorite roles from Donnie Darko to Nightcrawler.

Jake Gyllenhaal recently appeared on the pages of Variety that see the reflection on his career and the most memorable roles he played. Gyllenhaal shared his memories at a Saturday [March 12] afternoon conversation in Austin, moderated by director David Gordon Green, his collaborator on the upcoming Boston bombing drama “Stronger.”

Gyllenhaal was at SXSW [South by Southwest] with the upcoming Fox Searchlight picture “Demolition,” few hours ahead of its screening. It marked that latest in a string of critically acclaimed performances – including “End of Watch,” “Prisoners,” “Nightcrawler” and “Southpaw”.

Particularly about “Southpaw” drama, where 35-year-old actor plays boxer Billy Hope, Gyllenhaal outlined the media buzz made out of his physical transformation and training. He noted that the real core of his character came from the inside.

“I didn’t know how to box before I started that movie,” Gyllenhaal said. “I was terrified I was going to look like an idiot, because [director] Antoine Fuqua told me I wouldn’t have a double.”

Alongside, the footage sees Gyllenhaal sharing his thoughts on boxing as a sport. He outlines his understanding of something also known as ‘The Sweet Science’.

“You are throwing angles not because of strength cause you are trying to hit something,”

“You are throwing it for the angle itself and the accuracy of the angle.”

“I’ve started to understand boxing not just sort of a brute kind of aggressive sport,”

“But as a science with a specificity.”

“It requires only five pounds of pressure to knock somebody out.”