Carnage Euro Tour 2016 Kicks Off
Nathan 'Carnage' Corbett / Photo: William Luu

Euro tour is here. I’m very excited and honored to start off with a Big Bang in Dublin, Ireland at the famous ‘Straight Blast Gym’ where Conor McGregor trains.

The Irish people are always ready and keen to learn with loads of passion and fight. Three-hour workshop will be fun and explosive with lots of ‘Carnage’ elbows been thrown.

Then I am off to Serbia where my team [Team Ronin-Carnage Global] will be waiting and ready too rock. These guys are like family to me now, and I am very excited to be visiting them on top of hosting a ‘Carnage Elbow’ workshop.

Next stop is the beautiful city Prague, which is another place that I have friendships in, that are family too. It will be so good to see the team there again at ‘TKBC’ gym.

From there, Vienna is next, then drive back to Serbia for more training, moving onto Croatia and Slovenia to finish the trip off.

I am flying past UK to hang out with a good friend, and then off to Abu Dhabi for a night stop over, before heading back home.

A nice trip away sharing knowledge, but also learning and picking up skills myself along the way.

Best thing about travel is the wisdom and culture you gain. So much to learn, so much to grow.

So many to teach, inspire and motivate.