Jorge Acero Cali promotes Escobar in the Octagon fight night
Jorge 'Acero' Cali (left) and Ultimate Fighter from Brazil Bruno Silva point on 'Escobar in the Octagon' fight night poster / Photo: Supplied

WKN ambassador in South America Jorge Acero Cali promotes ‘Escobar in the Octagon’ fight night on Saturday 16th April.

The ‘Escobar in the Octagon’ show fits in a busy schedule of WKN events in South America. We are ahead of ‘Bosch Tour’ in Buenos Aires, Argentina next Friday, as well as looking forward to a debut installment of ‘Premier Kickboxing Series’ in Asuncion, Paraguay this August.

Escobar in the Octagon reportedly combines kickboxing and MMA bouts. Indeed, promoter of the show Jorge ‘Acero’ Cali is a former four-time WKN kickboxing world champion, who proudly credits World Kickboxing Network and its president Stephane Cabrera as a significant part of his raise. Nevertheless an all-arounder Cali went into his final fight under the rules of MMA. This was live on FOX Sports network back in 2013, when he battled Horacio Enrique in the cage at Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After retirement from fighting ‘Acero’ Cali started his political career, aiming to improve the living of civilians in his loved city of Escobar. Last year he has won local elections, as well as recently became the president of City Council.

Meanwhile, Cali has not stepped away from sport that has taught him ‘honesty and fairness’, the features he applies in his political deeds. He has recently attended a boxing gala in Garin, Buenos Aires. There he awarded Latino lightweight champion German Argentino Benitez with WBA boxing title belt.

The fight card for up-coming the ‘Escobar in the Octagon’ show is in makes. We will have more on this story as it develops.