English pop music star Ellie Goulding is a new brand ambassador of P&G’s Pantene Pro-V.

One of the most prominent music artists from UK, Ellie Goulding, 29, is a real boxing practitioner. Hands down she is today one of the hottest blonde personalities from the stage. She is also known as one of the strongest and determinate women from the industry.

Pantene PRO-V launched a new ‘strong is beautiful’ campaign, that sees Goulding demonstrating her boxing skills as well as playing drums. Indeed, Goulding is a multi-instrumentalist too.

“Strong is pushing yourself to your limit, and then realizing, you have no limit,” Goulding says behind the footage.

“Strong is bending and not breaking, strong is something that comes from the inside, where it counts.”

No questions asked, commercials are great. They are directed little movies, right. However, have a look at Ellie Goulding boxing training she has previously shared on Instagram. It kicks in with realization that no fiction was in place while filming her punching boxing bag in Pantene commercial.