Carnage Corbett Shares Muay Thai Elbow Secrets
Nathan 'Carnage' Corbett in Straight Blast Gym in Dublin, Ireland / Pic: Facebook

Nathan Carnage Corbett, eleven-time Muay Thai world champion from Australia, is running the third installment of his Seminar World Tour.

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Phil Vasyli The Man Behind ‘The Carnage’

According to ‘Carnage Diary’ Corbett is currently in the United Kingdom where he holds a number of workshops. Straight Blast Gym in Dublin, Ireland has been the premier location for ‘Carnage Training’.

‘We witnessed the power and precision in Nathan Carnage Corbett’s technique today at his seminar. The feedback has been very positive as to Nathan’s coaching ability and the information presented. Some fine stuff for us to work on in the coming weeks and months!” SBG shared on Instagram.

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Corbett hasn’t fought since 2014 when he faced Gokhan Saki at GLORY fight night in Istanbul, Turkey. Doctor forced Australian to withdraw due to an ear injury received from a heavy-hitter ‘Rebel’.

Nevertheless, since two years of not being in action, ‘Carnage’ Corbett still seems to be as sharp, fast and powerful as we know him.

The following set of ‘Carnage’ seminars came to the gym operated by Ciaran Mitchell, known as a long-time friend of Nathan Corbett. This Ireland’s Karate and Muay Thai academy has also seen Australian fighter sharing his knowledge.

Indeed, ‘Carnage’ posted a series of videos on his Instagram, that capture him demonstrating some of his own favorite combinations, moves and ‘how-to’ secrets.

‘Knee strikes!! Step up knee to elbow.. Bring attention to the body from your knee while grabbing arm pull away then elbow’

‘Explosive elbow strike from long range! Bridge the cap with front leg faint pushing off the back foot’

‘Create opportunities with smashing the elbow’

‘Tonight’s seminar focused more on techniques with hitting into the pads to get that feeling of impact’

‘Carnage Global Seminar’, EuroTour 2016 maps throughout Europe. Nathan Corbett will visit Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and more.


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