Ivana Miklasova Trains With Nathan Carnage Corbett in Prague
WKN champions Ivana Miklasova and Nathan Corbett during 'Carnage Seminar' in Prague, Czech Republic, Thursday March 31, 2016 / Pic: Supplied

WKN champions Ivana Miklasova and Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett threw few kicks and elbows last Thursday in Prague.

Australian ‘Carnage’ Nathan Corbett travels the World in terms of the third installment of his Seminar World Tour. He has recently visited UK where several workshops went ahead in fight camps in Dublin, Ireland.

On Thursday 31st March, ‘Carnage’ returned to TKBC gym in Prague, Czech Republic.

“It was my third time back to this gym. They love it,” Corbett says.

“Zhenda is the main man and his gym is so organized to have me back again.”

Ivana Miklasova, 22, is a renowned kickboxer from Slovakia. She is a finalist of the BIGGER’S BETTER Girl Power edition, as well as the WKN amateur World champion. Her recent bout was last February in Nitra. Miklasova was challenging Sandra Bengtsson from Sweden. The outcome crowned Slovakia’s beauty Miklasova as a new WKN featherweight kickboxing European champion.

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“I’ve traveled to Prague to attend Nathan’s seminar,” Miklasova says.

“He is a great and smiley man. He was talking to everyone before training. He wants to know something about everybody. I really like his friendly personality.”

“I’ve learned some new boxing techniques and many combinations featuring elbows.”

“He really is an ‘Elbow King’!” famous female kick-boxer Miklasova concludes.

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Along with her prestigious international awards, Miklasova is a three-time Slovakian kickboxing (K-1 rules) champion. She has 32 bouts with 20 wins behind her belt.

Kick-boxer Miklasova competes around the same weight-class as Australia’s best Yolanda ‘Springbok’ Schmidt. Last year Sydney’s Schmidt was officially recognized as Australia’s best female fighter of the year. She has earned that award due to her victory in the WKN muaythai national championship against Emma Graham in Perth, WA. We likely will see Miklasova and Schmidt fighting one another for the WKN women’s world title soon. The clash is penciled to happen either in Down Under or in the Old World.

“She [Ivana Miklasova] is young and talented girl. She has certainly enjoyed the elbows,” Corbett says.

“So I told her next world title fight can be with elbows now not K-1.”

“I always want to fight the strongest opponent possible. I’d love to fight Yolanda,” Miklasova says.

“Elbow fight shall be a good experience, as well as visiting Australia.”

“WKN world title is that something I certainly aim to gain.”

Corbett is next off to Austria, where he is hosting the ‘Carnage Seminar’ this Saturday in Viena. Prior leaving Czech Republic he has outlined the level of Prague fighters as “very strong”, adding that “the seminar students where at a good level to learn my skills and apply them in action”.

Moreover, on Friday 15th April Prague accommodates the 10th edition of eminent SIMPLY THE BEST series on KOMBAT Sport, where the main event will see the WKN Intercontinental champion from France Nicolas Wamba in his title defense against local star Ondrej Hutnik.