Pisaneschi vs Watt: Second Blood Crowns New Champion

Ricardo Pisaneschi and Chris Watt went ahead in their highly-anticipated rematch on Saturday 2nd April 2016 in Perth, Australia.

The Pisaneschi vs Watt five-rounder was featured in the main card of Domination 17 fight night: Toby Smith vs Dieselek [Video]. The five-rounder was set for Western Australian State championship [-69,850kg]. Moreover, Pisaneschi was a retaining champion, and Watt was a challenger, aiming to prove their original encounter saw a bad judges’ decision. Conclusively, we have witnessed the second chapter of the bloodbath blockbuster when two Scotsmen were squaring the differences in Down Under.

After five rounds of action it all came down to the judges’ score cards. Chris Watt was pronounced as the winner of the contest as well as a new title holder.

Score cards

Prior the winner has been named, MC advised the audience with the numbers from the judges scoring sheets: 48-47, 46-48, 47-48. We though haven’t heard neither the names of those men sitting by the ring side, nor which of the competitors received what point. Perhaps I am wrong, but personally I haven’t heard that the result in a split decision was pronounced either. Was it split? Just bare numbers.

Indeed, the actual numbers make me wonder. Several Western Australian judges seem to certainly be on the mission to prove their distinguished knowledge of how Muay Thai is judged. The split decision is fair enough since everybody watches the same fight from the different side. But the gap ‘made in’ two points, though, raises a question whether those judges were really watching the same fight?

Trainer’s view – Pamorn Martdee

“The cuts were an extra factor that stood in our way but during the rounds we worked to manage them,” says Pamorn Martdee, trainer of Chris Watt.

“We were extremely satisfied with the win, Chris worked hard and was determined to win the belt with the heart of a lion. Full respect to Ricardo Pisaneschi. The bout will be one to remember for years to come!”

Upset – Ricardo Pisaneschi

“I thought I had done enough.”

“I cut him up pretty bad. I know cuts don’t win fights but if you look at it from a damage perspective I thought I edged it.”

“Saying that I don’t want to take away from Chris, it was a hell of a fight. We both put our all into that. He got the decision this time.”

“With regards to the judges, yeah it’s brutal to leave the success of something you dedicate so much to in the hands of others, especially when their decisions can be questionable.”

“But it’s the fight game if your opponents not spark out you leave it in the judges hands. I’m not here to put the blame on others, I’ve had decisions go for me and against me. It’s the way it rolls. It sucks, but it’s the way it is.”

“As for a trilogy it will happen. Given the way things have panned out it has to.”

My opinion

If anybody might be interested in how I’ve seen this fight – keep reading. Please note, I don’t have one side vision on this contest. Both camps at Champions Gym and Kao Sok Muay Thai are my friends for over ten years. Most of all, I have the highest level of respect to determinate hard-workers such as Watt and Pisaneschi.

Not being a ring side judge with a score sheet, I though have some sort of understanding that Muay Thai is judged by episodes. I am not going to write an educational material on here either, nor I am in the position of ‘Mr Muay Thai’.

Round 1 was after Pisaneschi. I believe the cut itself, has nothing to do with the size of the opening or anything, since there was no stoppage of the contest by the doctor. Nevertheless, you make your opponent bleed, you cause the damage, you win the round. Simple as.

In Round 2 Watt produced more hits than Pisaneschi. Landed more hits and took the round.

Round 3 saw an eight-count with Watt landing a spinning-back fist. Pisaneschi didn’t pay back in equivalence and lost those three minutes.

In Round 4, from what I’ve seen, Watt has worked more than Pisaneschi. He scored more hits, though there was no significant damage or trouble for Pisaneschi. Watt wins the round.

Indeed, Round 5 – winner takes all.

From my own experience of an international supervisor of the real world championships such as Corbett vs Susperregui, for example, I could state that the challenger must outclass the champion.

I have not seen Watt outclassing Pisaneschi. Moreover I have not seen Watt outclassing Pisaneschi during the last three minutes.

I though saw Pisaneschi putting more pressure on Watt in final round.

Watt lost final episode. Pisaneschi won the fight.

However, I am wrong. According to Western Australian judges’ score cards. Watt won three rounds out of five. Logically he deserves the win, no questions asked. I agree with that and heartily congratulate him with the win.

Indeed, I judge Muay Thai, not points. Pisaneschi wins. I want to see the decider. Do you?