Concept of Teaching Behind Carnage Elbow
Nathan Corbett (R) of Australia elbows Kamil Sokolowski in their WKN Heavyweight Title fight during Total Carnage III at Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on March 9, 2013 in Gold Coast, Australia / Pic: Matt Roberts/Getty Images AsiaPac

There are many ways to learn a new technique or fight move.

Watching, listening, doing… But the concept behind what it is, gives much more depth. It certainly allows the student to understand where the movement comes from, or where this movement was developed and created from.

As I travel through the Globe teaching over the past few years, I’ve become more aware of the thing I love doing the most. I realized what others sometimes miss, or maybe just haven’t had the chance to experiment for themselves, like I’ve had over 20 years of making elbows my world.

A concept is something that backs up and explains the thing that you are doing.

Most people will just understand its surface, with that being a simple description ‘this is an elbow – throw it like that’.

Fighting at a basic level isn’t rocket science. Even at high level sometimes it’s just about biting down on the mouth guard and going for it.

But there is also that next level, where it becomes a science, techniques become fine tuned and movements become crucial in the perfect execution of them.

What I love to teach is not only the physical movement of an elbow, but the concept behind every movement and action taken, while I step into the elbow strike.

Teaching is an art in itself, not all can do this with success.

One part of my teaching is to open people’s minds up to the possibilities what is on offer to them. However without ones personal touches and hands on real life actions, only one will be half way there.

I can only be the key to the door, but it must be you that unlocks it and walks through it.

Carnage Seminar’s mission plan, is to awaken people to their best version of themselves.