Simply The Best 10 Prague Kicks Off Fight Weekend
On Friday 15th April 2016 Petrem Lamac (third from the left) presents Simply The Best 10 Prague - WKN kickboxing Intercontinental fight night: Wamba (France) vs Hutnik (Czech Republic) / Pic: Supplied

On Friday April 15 Nicolas Wamba will face Ondrej Hutnik in his WKN intercontinental title defense at Simply The Best 10 Prague fight night.

Simply The Best 10 Prague fight night is the following edition of eminent WKN world series on KOMBAT Sport network. The chapter presented by Petrem Lamac who brings French star Wamba to fight local favorite Hutnik in the clash of super-heavyweights.

Wamba is not a random name for Czech crowd. Last year he beat Petr Vondracek as well as brought prestigious WKN belt to the country of good wine and resistance. Indeed, Vondracek was set to take a revenge over prominent Frenchman, however injury forced him to withdraw. This is where SuperKombat competitor and ‘The King of the Ring’ belt holder Ondrej Hutnik stepped in to stand for the pride of Czech Republic.

Simply The Best 10 Prague is a ten-fight bill will see eight kickboxing and two MMA challenges. Local stars will take on international opponents from Slovakia, Vietnam, France, Hungary and Korea. In addition to the Wamba vs Hutnik intercontinental championship, the main card will also include three WKN title belts of European, international and national calibers. The WKN international supervisor will be Emil Irimia from Romania. Coordinator of the event is Lukas Boddy from Slovakia. Official press conference was held earlier this week at Savarin Casino [Photos].

Simply The Best 10 Prague will air live on NOVA Sport with the following exclusive broadcast throughout Europe by KOMBAT Sport.

Fight Card

WKN Intercontinental Championship / Super-heavyweight / K-1 Rules / 3x3mn
Nicolas Wamba (France, Champion) vs Ondrej Hutnik (Czech Republic)

WKN European Championship / Women / Flyweight / K-1 Rules / 5×2 mn
Michaela Kerlehová (Czech Republic) vs Monika Chochlikova (Slovakia)

WKN International Title / Muay Thai / Super-Welterweight / 3×3 mn
Jiri Apeltauer (Czech Republic ) vs Dominik Bereczki (Hungary)

WKN Czech Republic Championship / Heavyweight / K-1 Rules / 3×3 min
Georgij Fibich (Czech Republic) vs David Vins (Czech Republic)


Jan HOLEC (Czech Republic ) vs Yoon-jin KIM (Korea) – 62,500 kg

Daniel Brunlick (Czech Republic) vs Denis Kusmirek (Slovakia) – 85,500 kg

Daniel Vitovec (Czech Republic) vs Vladimir Idranyi (Slovakia) – 82,100 kg

Tomik Nguyen (Vietnam) vs Samuel Hadzima (Slovakia) – 64,400 kg

Mixed Martial Arts

Martin Solc (Czech Republic) vs Wilhelm Ott (Austria) – 93 kg

Josef KRAL ( Czech Republic ) vs Sergej Grecicho (Lithuania) – 70 kg