Antonis Tzoros Defeats Wieslaw Kwasniewski
Antonis Tzoros (center) after his knockout victory over Wieslaw Kwasniewski at The Battle 16 by WKN fight night in Athens, Greece / April 17th 2016 / Pic: Facebook

Antonis Tzoros stopped Wieslaw Kwasniewski in the main event of The Battle 16 by WKN on Sunday 17th April in Athens, Greece.

The Tzoros vs Kwasniewski bout has seen the challenge for the WKN international title. Super-heavyweight went ahead under kickboxing (K-1) rules at the traditional three by three minute rounds fight formula. Previously Greek experienced the size of Ignashov, as well as Polish who took on Samedov. Indeed, you would expect quite a few heavy hits flying from both parties. The lights went off in round three when local star dropped his vis-a-vis on the canvas, proclaiming himself as a new WKN title holder.

Tha Battle 16 by WKN saw two WKN national title bouts. Skordilis outclassed Usman in one round and claimed super-lightweight title. Kyriakou knocked Bistolas out in the second round and earned welterweight belt. The gala also featured Greek national Grand Prix. Chiotis took all four man tournament after stopping Gerekos and taking decision over Levan in the championship fight.

Sold out gala, The Battle 16 by WKN was the following edition of fantastic events by Stefanos Konstantinidis promoted in the birthplace of Olympic Games. The event was attended by World Kickboxing Network president Stephane Cabrera.

Fight Results

WKN super-heavyweight kickboxing / International championship / 3x3mn
Antonis Tzoros (Greece) wins by KO R3 vs Wieslaw Kwasniewski (Greece)

WKN welterweight kickboxing / National championship / 3x3mn
Kleanthis Kyriakou wins by KO R2 vs Nikos Bistolas

WKN super-lightweight kickboxing / National championship / 3x3mn
Giannis Skordilis wins by TKO R1 vs Mohammad Usman

WKN Greece Grand Prix / Middleweight kickboxing / 4 man tournament / 3x3mn

Dimitris Chiotis wins by KO R1 vs Alexandris Gerekos
Guruli Levan wins by KO TKO R1 vs Aris Bellos

Dimitris Chiotis wins on points vs Guruli Levan