Yolanda Schmidt Dancing Muay Thai Fighter
Yolanda Schmidt performs Wai Khru Ram Muay ahead of her clash with Samantha Brown in Brisbane, Qld / 9th April 2016 / Pic: Sharon Richards

Australia’s leading female muaythai fighter Yolanda Schmidt is a person of interest across the country ahead of world championship in Sweden.

Yolanda Schmidt takes part in IFMA 2016 World Championships in Jonkoping, Sweden from 19 to 29 of May 2016.

Indeed, Schmidt has been one of the mainstream characters here at Fightmag for over a year. Fightmag, the leading international fight magazine online from Australia, can provide as much or as little, but to promote an individual on the highest level across the Planet inside the industry. Schmidt has now gone to mass.

A fresh release on Yolanda Schmidt by John Besley in Northern District Times newspaper hit the network on the digital platform of Daily Telegraph in its ‘high hopes’ column. The global media across the States including WA’s Perth Now and South Australian The Advertiser, have shared the story on Sydney’s dancer Schmidt. Yes, the dancer… who turned Australian Muay Thai champion.

The article shares that moment when Schmidt had to tell her mum she was done with dancing.

“I hid it from her for my first two fights because I thought she’s only seen me as a dancer,” said Schmidt.

South African-born living in Sydney, Yolanda Schmidt is Menai High School teacher in Illawong, New South Wales. Her family lives on the other side of the Planet in South African city of Johannesburg.

“Mum lives in South Africa so I didn’t want to call her on the phone and say ‘by the way I’m now getting in the ring to get hit in the face’.”

“I actually went to visit her and I whipped out a laptop and showed her my first fight. She’s now my biggest fan, she’s so proud.”

Schmidt is a 2015 Australian best female fighter of the year that led from her WKN title win in Perth last May. She is a 2016 national team member that annually takes part at IFMA games across the World.

“Ideally I want the gold but you are going up against the top of the world,” she said. “I would be happy if I placed on the podium at least.”

In her challenge against Sam Brown two weeks back in Brisbane, Qld Schmidt faced a defeated. However she is full of fight with her heart leading towards victories.

The ultimate advise she gives to girls starting their fighting career.

“If anything makes you happy, do it.”

“The only reason you should do anything is for yourself.”

Unfortunately, Muay Thai has never been a mainstream sport in media. This particular aspect has been previously outlined by 11-time world champion Nathan Carnage Corbett as the most ‘hated’. It is always pleasing to see today’s heroes such as Yolanda Schmidt on the pages of mass media.


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