Nathan Corbett Completes Carnage EuroTour
Nathan 'Carnage' Corbett, 11x muaythai world champion from Gold Coast, Australia, during his seminar at Pro7sport in Holesovice, Prague, Czech Republic / May 1, 2015 / Pic: Czech Fighters

On the recent Carnage EuroTour the mission was to teach, inspire and motivate as many people as possible. I feel the mission is complete.

This year Carnage EuroTour was only six destinations but it certainly was a great trip. I had many hours on the mat or in the ring. Teaching.

First stop was Ireland where I taught a seminar at the famous SBG gym, home of Conor McGregor.

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It was only a small turn out being St. Patrick’s weekend. I am sure most of the lads where busy having a few, but we still had a great group that where very keen on listening and learning something new from ‘Carnage’. It was my second trip there.

I have then spent the next week in the United Kingdom with my great friend Cieran teaching multiple workshops in his Karate Dojo. Firstly I’ve held a Muay Thai seminar. The second night saw a different version using pad drills with partners. The last evening I went to the beginning and put my Karate Gi back on. I taught a mixed class of Karate and Muay Thai together. Few throws-in to mix it up featuring bare knuckle to add the tradition to the night.

Moving on after Easter weekend I went to Prague to my good friends gym TKBC. There I’ve spent the week teaching multiple lessons. First few nights was in house only, teaching all the fighters and students of the gym. We’ve finished off with a seminar on the end. It was my third time back to Prague where I have great friends and brothers.

Slovakian Beauty Meets Australian Carnage in Czech Republic

Moving on, next stop was Vienna. I was only there for 24 hours but met some great people and loved my stay there. I’ve found another great sporting relation to build on with the gym owner Foad. The seminar was compact and powerful.

Finally it was the time in the trip to head to Serbia – the home of ‘Ronin-Carnage Global’. I’ve spent the next few weeks with my team, family and friends.

Two weeks of teaching everyday.

We focused on all the top fighters in the fight team. We aimed towards their understanding and development of the elbow techniques featuring Thai version of my style.

The concept is to add some new flavors to the mix of the already talented ‘killing machines’.

The famous name of ‘Carnage’ and its established brand are partnered with a strong Serbian team at Ronin Gym. It is now officially known as ‘Ronin-Carnage Global’.

Leaving Serbia I was off to Croatia to finish my tour. Although it was a 24-hour trip in and out, it was also a huge day of Muay Thai. Carnage seminar was full with fighters and keen students. It was my second time to Croatia with the same team at Leon’s gym.

Well, it is the time to make the trip home.

Along the journey of Carnage EuroTour 2016 I’ve not only taught and inspired others, but I’ve learnt so much myself. New training ideas, new moves, new ways of thinking… I was truly inspired by many.

Carnage Global Concept of Teaching

Thank you to all my friends that made this possible. Thank you to all the students that attended my seminars. Thank you to all the kind people I meet along the way.

Hope to meet you all again in the near future. Until then – stay strong!