Nathan Carnage Corbett Supervises Nemesis 11 Perth

Eleven-time world champion Nathan Carnage Corbett is in charge of the WKN bouts at Nemesis 11 fight show on Saturday 21st May in Perth, WA.

Nathan Carnage Corbett is, hands down, one of not many farangs [foreigner, not Thai] to understand the Art of Eight Limbs from A to Z. Eleven times he earned the title of the ‘king of the world’, as well as gained the global recognition for his outstanding style. Deep set of mind, charismatic personality, knockout power, and of course his trademark Thai-elbow strikes – are the key elements to outline Muay Thai expert from Gold Coast, Qld.

The collection of eleven world titles that Carnage Corbett collected during his magnificent career, includes four prestigious WKN belts. Corbett won his first WKN heavyweight championship in the hard fight against Ukrainian Pavel Zhuravlev six years ago in Perth, WA. He then retained his title three times on the Gold Coast, Qld. This is where he defeated Frenchman Stephane Susperregui, Poland’s Kamil Sokolowski and Dutch Henriques Zowa at knockout Total Carnage fight nights.

The WKN World Office has appointed Nathan Corbett to supervise Nemesis 11 fight night on Saturday 21st May at Kingsway Stadium in Perth, Australia.

“I am looking forward to my arrival back in Perth for such a great show,” says Corbett.

“2010 was my first trip to Western Australia, and also my first time to win a WKN World title.”

‘The Carnage’ Nathan Corbett is the man to make a final decision in Australian and state championship bouts, as well as in the main event that is set for the clash of continents. Australia’s first string Toby ‘The Weapon’ Smith is facing French elite Johane Beausejour. Ricardo Pisaneschi, Damon Nelson and Parviz Iskenderov are fighting Bevan Mahoney, Brandon Spain and Chadd Collins in Australian national title fights. Gareth Smith and Jeremy Firth will challenge Western Australian state title. Alongside with an international bout Smith v Beausejour, Nemesis 11 aims to square the differences between two leading Muay Thai states in the country – Queensland and Western Australia.

“Nemesis 11 has so much talent on the cards, with the fighters from Queensland making the trip over to battle it out against the West.”

“Both states have always been known for the best Muay Thai in the country,”

“Legends like John Wayne Parr, Danial Dawson… Actually will be too many champions to mention. Now young talent like Toby Smith, Ben Mahoney and more.”

Indeed, there is no better man in the country to supervise such an important happening for Australian sport like Nemesis 11. Moreover, unfortunately over the years there have been several errors in the decisions, therefore promoters of the show Patrick Talbot and Bill Seth made additional input to the event by bringing Australian celebrity Nathan Corbett to Western Australia from Queensland, to coordinate the final say.

“This will me first time as a head official, as I’ve spent most of my past 16 years as a fighter on the inside of the ring,” says eleven time world champion Nathan Carnage Corbett.

“This gives me great pleasure to take a seat on the outside and enjoy the fights.”

“If a final decision is needed – I will make it.”

“However my advice to all fighters is – fight as if there is no referee and no judges,”

“This way there is never a final decision needed.”

“Make the final decision by your own actions.”

To date revealed Nemesis 11 fight card looks as the following

Main Event

WKN Intercontinental Super Fight / Muay Thai / Middleweight / 5x3mn
Toby ‘The Weapon’ Smith v Johane Beausejour (France)

Western Australia v Queensland

WKN Australian Championship / Muay Thai / Super-lightweight / 5x3mn
Parviz Iskenderov (Western Australia) v Chadd Collins (Queensland)

WKN Australian Championship / Muay Thai / Welterweight / 5x3mn
Ricardo Pisaneschi (Western Australia) v Benny Mahoney (Queensland)

WKN Australian Championship / Junior / Muay Thai / Lightweight / 5x2mn
Damon Nelson (Western Australia) v Brandon ‘Dynamite’ Spain (Queensland)

Main card

WKN Western Australian Championship / Muay Thai / Super-featherweight / 5x2mn
Gareth ‘G Train’ Smith (Western Australia) v Jeremy ‘Fireball’ Firth (Western Australia)

Western Australia Rating Bout / Muay Thai / Female / Flyweight / 5x2mn
Emma Graham (Western Australia) v Kim Townsend (Western Australia)

Nemesis 11 fight night is held on Saturday 21st May 2016 at Kingsway Indoor Stadium – 130 Kingsway, Madeley WA 6065.